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Stage di organetto Bruno Le Tron Urbino Italia

Bruno Le Tron

It was in the 80’s that Bruno Le Tron discovered the folk and festou-noz balls and that he became passionate about the diatonic accordion.
A few years later, the meeting of Jean Blanchard and Evelyne Girardon marked the beginning of his professionalism.
At the same time, in 1990, Bruno signed all the compositions and arrangements of his first album, the famous “Valhermeil“.
In 1989 he obtained the DE diploma of diatonic accordion teacher. His career was launched.
What followed was a succession of encounters, musical of course but intensely human. He travelled the French and international stages, developing his energetic and sensitive style, without ever ceasing to compose.
He also participates in the international project Samuraï Accordion, a European quintet of diatonic accordionists which won the Grand Prix du disque Charles Cros in 2011.
Finally, he is currently working on a new, more personal project: Initium , a concert or Folk Ball based almost exclusively on his new compositions, where he is accompanied by Franck Fagon on clarinet, and Laurent Cabané on double bass and guitar..
During the summer of 2023, he conducted an accordion workshop at Ca’ Lucente, a magnificent house in the Urbino countryside, a meeting point for professional and amateur musicians, an experience he will repeat this year at the same time as Anthony Planche. To the workshop: Diatonic accordion workshop from 5 to 9 August 2024, Urbino (Italy)