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Franck Fagon stage Ca Lucente Vacanze MusicaliFranck Fagon is an eclectic, bulimic musician, a clarinettist and saxophonist who’s always keen to try out new things and enjoy a convivial atmosphere. With his clarinets, bass clarinet and various saxophones, he has been exploring different musical universes for several years now, taking part in a wide range of artistic experiences: the world of traditional music (Breton, Central French, Balkan, etc.), jazz in its various forms, on the street or on stage, blues, Latin music, reggae, chanson and improvisation, all of which have links with the world of theatre, dance and the audiovisual sector.
Having taught for several years at the Centre Breton d’Art Populaire in Brest, he also keeps a place for teaching by leading courses devoted to his instruments or ensemble music in different styles of music.
During the summer of 2024, he will be leading an Ensemble music workshop with Laurent Cabané at Ca’ Lucente, a magnificent house in the Urbino countryside in Italy, meeting point for professional and amateur musicians.

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