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François Heim

François Heim

François Heim started playing the accordion in 1979 and became interested in the various repertoires of traditional music before passionately devoting himself to Eastern European music.
Passionate about teaching, he has been organising courses for many years and is co-author with J.M. Corgeron of a method for diatonic accordion.
He has contributed to several collections of sheet music and teaching recordings published by trad magazine.
He plays in various groups, including Volska, where he plays together with Bruno Le Tron and Anthony Planche, and has recorded several albums (Heim-Birioukov duo, Heim-Le Tron, etc.).
In the summer of 2024, he will conduct an diatonic accordion and ensemble music workshop at Ca’ Lucente, a magnificent house in the countryside of Urbino, Italy, a meeting point for professional and amateur musicians.