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Laurent Cabané

Laurent Cabané

Laurent Cabané has had a passion for music since childhood, starting out on the guitar and then the piano, immediately integrating several musical cultures and practices. At the age of 18, he diversified his practice by learning the double bass, which he also invested in several musical fields. From an early age, he was attracted to oral music and improvisation, training with musicians such as Philippe Renault, Jean Marc Montera, Ricardo Del Fra, Enrico Pieranunzi and Harvie Swartz.
He soon began teaching, attracted from the outset by collective practice, which enabled him to test his knowledge of arranging and composition.
Along the way, he came into contact with Latin music and jazz. He then discovered the world of traditional music with Bruno Le Tron, Eric Montbel, Franck Fagon, Robin Vargoz and Jonathan Balmefrézol in a number of groups and projects (Vertigo, Maubuissons, Topanga, Saltabimus, Initium), as well as North African music with Fouad Didi and Mouloud Adel and Central African music with Jeff Kellner. He plays double bass, but also traditional instruments such as the buzuk, oud and percussion.
During the summer of 2024, he will be leading an ensemble music workshop with Franck Fagon at Ca’ Lucente, a magnificent house in the Urbino countryside in Italy, meeting point for professional and amateur musicians.

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