Bruno Le Tron and Anthony Planche

Diatonic accordion workshop

from 5 to 9 August 2024, Urbino (Italy)

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Diatonic accordion workshop with Bruno Le Tron and Anthony Planche from 5 to 9 August 2024, in Urbino (Italy).

Diatonic accordion workshop with Bruno Le Tron

Levels: intermediate, advanced
Learning will be based on his compositions, inspired by traditional European music.
During the workshop you will work on double notes, bellows, ornaments, accompaniment and the various performance techniques that characterise his style.
Group pieces with 2nd voice and accompaniment.
Diatonic accordion: 3 rows 12 basses G/C recommended. Learning by ear only without sheet music!

A common piece will be proposed between Bruno and Anthony’s workshop, with an arrangement adapted to the level of each.


Bruno Le Tron

Diatonic accordion workshop with Anthony Planche

Level: beginner and intermediate
The content of the workshop will be adapted according to the level of the participants and the type of accordion used by each student.
You will work on the traditional French repertoire (Centre-France, Brittany, Bourbonnais, etc.) and its compositions, as well as interpretation (bellows management, dynamics) and right hand ornamentation.
Ideas for left hand accompaniment will be developed and methodology will be worked on to optimise learning, memorisation, fluency and phrasing

Recommended diatonic accordion: 2 rows/8 basses up to 3 rows 18 basses, preferably G/C.
If you have the possibility, it would be helpful if you bring a dictaphone.


Anthony Planche

Practical information

Arrival: Sunday from 17:00
Departure: Saturday by 11:00
Audience: Adults from 7 to 10 trainees

Overnight accommodation: rooms for 4 people or spacious two-person tents
Food: fresh and possibly local produce

Workshop cost

570 Euro Full rate (including board and lodging)
500 Euro Student and unemployed rate (including board and lodging)

The course enrolment includes an advance payment of Euro 200, which will be refunded in full if cancelled within 30 days of the start of the course. In case of cancellation after this date we are obliged to withhold it.

To register, please write to us at:

How to get here

Ca’ Lucente is 10 km from Urbino and 40 km from Pesaro train station. We provide a shuttle bus to pick up students in Urbino. View map. The nearest airports are Ancona Airport and Bologna Airport.

Diatonic accordion workshop with Bruno Le Tron and Anthony Planche

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